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Hello everyone! I'm kind of nervous about posting here, but reading back on some things, it seems like a pretty comfortable place, so here goes.
I just turned 17 three weeks ago. My boyfriend of a year and a half and I finally gave into temptation and had sex two days ago (the 24th). I'm not on birth control, and I'm too young to buy OTC Morning After pills here in Rhode Island.
We used three different condoms, all of which didnt seem to fit him very well. They stayed on, but I'm just concerned that there might have been some leakage? And I'm not sure if we cleaned up as much as we should have.
1.Since there was a condom, what are the chances that I am or am not pregnant?
2.Are there signs within the first week or the first few days?
I cannot possibly tell either of my parents or any of my family members about this, and it is against my personal morals to get an abortion (don't say I don't belong here, because I support you all in doing what you need to do).
3. I know it sounds horrible, but if I am pregnant, is there any way of me being able to abort the baby before it's an actual being? I've heard that any damage to the area around the uterus can cause a ruckus inside and mess up the pregnancy. Or if you take one or two more than as directed of like, tylenol or midol, it's unhealthy and can kill it.

I'm trying not to sound horrible, but I'm scared and I need help - please.
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Did you not just say you're against abortion? What's the difference between that and taking a pill to bring on bleeding?

Also, I'm not sure about RI's laws but if you want to a planned parenthood you could of got the morning after. To buy it on your own you do have to be 18+ but you should of been able to just go to the clinic.