army_babe_08 (army_babe_08) wrote in preg_teencenter,

Anybody Else Having A HArd Time

I guess you could say that I'm stilll a teen, by the time my baby will be born i will be 20 though. So is anyone else having a hard time with your childs father? From the moment i realized i was pregnant my thoughs went to me having to raise my baby on my own and i was ok with that. So i wasnt suprised when i told the guy, when his reaction was he didnt know and that he was confused. No shocker there, but what did shock me was about a week later when he returned to me saying he wanted to be there and he wanted to get married and everything. So i was feeling pretty happy that i wasnt going to have to do this on my own. And thats where i messed up. i go happy. he got stupid. he then waits a week later, after we had been together every day and even slept together a few more times, to tell me he realizes that he cant do this because he is too racist. SEROIUSLY!!!! were my exact words. Now i dont care rather or not he is there, but i dont want him running in and out of my babies life. Is it wrong for me to want to shut him out completely and just move on with my life?
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