deaduntiltoday (deaduntiltoday) wrote in preg_teencenter,

Introducing Myself.

Hello everyone!
My name is Tara and I'm 18 years old, and currently find myself 7 weeks pregnant.
I'm still with my boyfriend, though we have different opinios about what is to be done here. He thinks I'm too young [he's 30], and that niether of us are in a place to be parents.
While I still live at home, my parents have offered to help and so have all my friends so I am not worried at all about the well being of this baby. It'll be happy healthy and loved. He feels like abortion is the option stating, "I don't want to be dragged along for the ride just because it's not my body." The problem here, is, it's my body and I couldn't have an abortion UNLESS I was raped or my life depended on it. Niether case is relavent. So I'm going to have this baby anyway, and I think he'll end up resenting me for it. . . even though he already has two kids.

Other than that, I'm fairly excited about the coming baby which I feel is crazy. I'm 18, I shouldn't be excitedly anticipating a baby -- I should be goofing off and in school or something haha. None the less, him and I have names picked out [we picked out names before I ever got pregnant] and I'm awaiting anxiously.
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