barbiie (barbiiex3) wrote in preg_teencenter,

Okay, I`m 17 and maybe pregnant. Me and my boyfriend had sex today unprotected and he cummed in me twice and I`m not on any kind of birth control. My last period ended september 20th, so I guess I`m just wondering what my chances are of being pregnant? I know that they`d probably be pretty high but its happened before that he`s done it in me and I didn`t get pregnant. I`m really not looking for a lecture on how what we did was stupid or anything like that. My boyfriend is 19 and we`ve been together for a little over 4 years. We`re not by any means trying to get pregnant, but we`ve talked about if it happened and we know its something we could handle, we both have decent jobs and I know theres programs that would help. So yeah, I guess I`m just wondering what the chances are? Also how do I find out when the dates are that I`m more likely to get pregnant? I always get my period every 28 days and it ended on the 20th
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