.:~*Austine*~:. (crazy_inlovex3) wrote in preg_teencenter,

Getting worried

Okay this is probably going to sound completely ridiculous but I think that its my anxeity and stress and everything getting to me.

Well I am 8 days away from my EDD. I am extremely excited but extremely scared at the same time. I have no idea what to expect when my water breaks. I've heard it feels like many different things but you know when it happens. I've heard that you get a really strong pressure in your lower stomach, that you get a sharp pain running throughout your legs and lower stomach, etc. I know every pregnancy is different in some ways but thank god they all have simliarities. Long story short ... when your water broke, what happened? What did you feel? I am extremely scared and a little comfort from some woman who have already been through this may just ease my mind. Thank you so much.

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