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i'm fifteen years old and i'm concerned about being pregnant.

i had sex on july 30, 2006. it was the third day in to my period. we didn't use a condom and i wasn't on any method of birth control, but he wasn't fully inside of me. he didn't come inside of me, either. he came on the ground beside himself after i gave him a blow job, which took place after the actual intercourse.

i hadn't been worrying about being pregnant up until today, when i discovered some very dark discharge. i've been off of my period for about twelve or so days now, so i knew it wasn't because of that. i googled up "black discharge" and it said it was an early sign of pregnancy that appears thirteen days after the contraception. it has been around that many days since i've had sex.

what do you think? i'm going to take a pregnancy test in a few days.
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